Chikitsa Chikitsak Aapke Dwar

17th May, 2021; Location – Ramgarh

A 30yr old female from Bhabhua with 2 kids had fevers and chills, they had to travel 2-4 km to get a medical care for herself and the kids. On 17th May, her elder daughter while playing got hurt and she needed immediate medical assistance. Since, no male person is available in family she was tensed about her kid’s health. The same day CCAD- Mobile Medical Unit reached her village and people told our medical team to go to her house for the immediate care she needed. Within no time the Mobile Medical Team along with Doctor reached her doorstep and did the assessment and first aid required for her daughter. She was too diagnosed with seasonal fever and cough. Whole family was assessed my Doctor and lab tests was run on the patient. Later they were sent with Plan of Care along with all the medicines they requires for next 7 days.

Dr.Brindeswari doing the first aid for the kid
(Nitoo, (GNM) and Balram (Lab tech) doing the patient registration in CCAD app

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